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Terms and Conditions

"We" henceforth refers to The Computer Geeks


IMPORTANT: You are responsible for ensuring that you have backed up all data on your computer before we access your system. We will not be responsible for any loss of data, pictures, information, or programs on your computer.

If you have not made any backups of your data then we can do this for you. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for your data to be backed up before we start work on your computer. Please note, mechanical failure of your hard disk or other components inside your computer can occur without warning during our intensive diagnostics. Virus and malware infections can also damage your data and could lead to unpredictable problems and could result in data loss.

For some jobs, we may need to re-install your operating system. This involves wiping your hard disk clean and re-installing the operating system back to the point when your computer was first purchased. We will contact you prior to doing this but if you require your data to be backed up prior to the wipe and restored back to your computer once the operating system has been re-installed please let us know. There will be additional charges associated with this service.

It can take many hours to fully diagnose your computer. This is a free service we offer to our customers on condition that we repair your device while your device remains on our premises. If you decide to not go ahead with the repair, a nominal diagnostic charge of £20 will be applied or if your device is beyond economical repair, we may offer to recycle your device in lieu of our nominal diagnostics fee. 


Any computer that has been left abandoned for over 45 days will be recycled or disposed if prior arrangements have not been made. It is important that you confirm your details to ensure that we have your correct contact details. We will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the details provided.

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